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RH 600 M1

RH 600 M1

Excellent for breaking up hard soil crusts!

The RH 600 M1 roller hoe is ideally suited for breaking up hard soil crusts. The rotating hoe rings bury or uproot the weeds, promote tillering, and incorporate oxygen into the soil. Due to the rotating working process of the unit is no blocking and harrowing of Clivers is possible. Since the roller hoe is not sensitive to organic residues, it is recommended for use in mulch seeding.

Mode of operation

Hoe rings

The work is performed by 6 mm-thick spring steel pins, which are cast in a slanted polyurethane disc. These hoe rings with a diameter of 50 cm are suspended in pairs and can therefore individually adapt to ground undulations. The slanted position of the rings increases the degree of efficacy. The slanted position of the rings deposits the loosened soil offset to the side. Since the weeds are lighter than the soil, the weeds fall to the ground more slowly than the soil and remains on the top, where they then dry out.


Thanks the to the profiled hollow profile frame, it is possible to change the line distance in pairs or to adapt the implement to the crop by removing individual pairs of rings. Using the quick lifting (available as an accessory), the implement can be adapted to the crop without using tools, only the folded-up arm must be secured with a pin. The track width of the guide wheel can also be adapted to the crop through the profile frame.

Ground adaptation

The pressing force is infinitely variably adjusted from the tractor cab by extending the hydraulic top link. If the top link is retracted, the pressure on the rings is reduced until they hover above the soil horizon.
Special features
Because the working rings are arranged back-to-front from the middle, no lateral pulling forces arise. To ensure full area tillage, the pair in the middle is slightly set back, otherwise the two rings in the middle would interlock and this would cause damage to the crops.
IMPORTANT information: Delivery availability (AT and DE only) upon request. We reserve the right to make technical modifications and improvements to the performance, appearance and scope of delivery!

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    • Mechanical weed control
    • Burying weeds
    • Promoting soil organisms
    • Stimulating tillering
  • Working width
    6 m

    Transport dimensions (folded)
    H 275 cm, W 285 cm, D 155 cm

    Net weight
    700 kg

    Tractor power
    above 48 kW/ 65 HP

    Ring distance/line distance
    15 cm

    Mount category
    CAT 2

    Ring diameter
    500 mm

    Wire diameter
    6 mm

    1 single-acting control unit required for folding

    Tilt angle of 0-30° in steps of 5°degrees adustable by means of a quick lock

    • 40 hoe rings with 30 spikes each
    • 20 variable holding arms
    • 4 guide wheels, dim. 160/6.5-8“
    • Adjustment handle for guide wheels
    • Parking support
    • Ring spacing can be adjusted a pair at the time
    • The arms can be folded up individual
    • Working elements can be taken off
    • Track width adujstment of support wheels can be adjusted from 0,90 m to 1.70m variable
    • Central contact pressing force via upper tractor linkage
    • Each single arm can be inpinged through a spring-preload
    • Each single arm works also optimal in negative territory (important to work the driving lanes too)
    • Low tractive power requirements
    • Alternative to Weeder
    • No blocking of the hoe by high weed content
    • Maintainance- free bearings of the rings
    • Exclusivly Working rings and no additional weeder tines
    • No dismounting of Rings for Transport


RH 600 M1
RH 600 M1
RH 600 M1
RH 600 M1
RH 600 M1


  • The roller hoe can also be combined with our Pneumatic Seeder (available as an accessory). In this combination, the roller hoe is suitable for nurse crops, for spreading fertiliser during the hoeing procedure, and to seed catch crops after harvesting.

    The baffle plates are mounted in front of the profile frame and can be adjusted in height so that the rings incorporate the spreading material.

    Can be used with PS 120 M1, PS 200 M1 and PS 300 M1 Pneumatic Seeder with electrical/hydraulic blower fan

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